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neo_iceman - Peppy

Looking back

Today has been a day for reminiscing on the past. I was going through some old boxes today trying to clean up some things and had a trip down memory lane. Old love letters from people I have almost forgotten about and pictures of me that I have almost no memory of ever being a part of.

It is pretty crazy how quickly you can forget entire portions of your life but it just seems to happen. You absorb too much new information and the past just fades away.

In any case an attempt to install some retro games on my laptop somehow tyring to figure out if livejournal was still around and then trying to figure out if I still knew my password. It turnds it does, and i did. So since we are the nostalgic kick lets keep this going and throw out a warm hello to anyone who may still be subscribed to this blog. I hope you are all doing fantastic!

My life has had its ups and downs but overall I feel like I have more positive momentum in my favor than negative which is a good feeling to have after all this time. Anyway, just to extra weird I also tried to see if my old Myspace still existed and the account was there but I had to re-create it from scratch...